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What are bruised heel and their causes?


At present, people are more conscience in health that’s why the majority of people get involved in regular exercise in a daily manner. Doing regular exercise is a good habit, but when you do for the first time you might also experience some effects in sort of pain which cured soon. One such effect is a bruised heel which often occurs when your foot experience often strikes to the ground. For example, if you are going for jogging or initiated running or dancing or even skipping your feet get a strike to the ground often which makes the soft tissues and blood vessel muscles get injured. One continues to hit over injure cause a bruised heel which in turn results in your pain when you take a step. This is a common one that occurs to the majority of people when they get into new activities like jumping, dancing, skipping, jogging, and a lot more.

bruised heel

What can you do for a bruised heel?

As it said before the bruised heel are common ones but based on the injury severity the treatment gets differed. Usually, the bruised heels take 2 to 3 weeks to get cured when the injury is normal and simple. In case if the injury is severe one it may take up to 6 weeks to get cured which causes more pain and end you up to take complete rest without moving. Now you might start thinking what can be done for this bruised heel? Simple, just go through the below steps to know the better remedy for your bruised heel. 

There are several ways to get cured of the bruised heel where some of the best are listed here.

  • Avoid force in injured feet – Normally bruised heels get cured when you avoid giving force to the injured leg by standing or walking fast in the leg. This helps the injury to reduce its flame if not treat them with the next step.
bruised heel
  • Take pain relief pills – If you experiencing a high pain in the heel then as a first thing you can try taking a pain relief pill with less dosage and common one. This would be applicable only for 3 days if still you feel the pain gets severe it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Use an ice bag – You can use an ice pack or bag to place on the top of the heel, gently rest them for 20 minutes this helps you to reduce the swell on the heel. If you are too frozen then you can go for an alternative option of using a cloth soaked in ice water.
  • Massaging – You can also have a self-massage over the heel which greatly reduces your pain as the blood flow increases in those areas.

If all the above things are not helping out then you can better consult a doctor whether to proceed with a heel pad or cup or wrap your heel. In both actions, you should be clear with the procedure on how to wrap a bruised heel? If you go for a pad or cup you just want to wear them over the heel as it simple. 

When you trying wrap up your heel then you need a medical tape, place one strip in the middle of the foot above the heel pad and cover the foot from the top of another side. Continue wrapping in the same way so that heel gets fully covered which gives a grip without slighting off. Likewise, you can treat your bruised heels and cure them faster.

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