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foot pain top of foot and its treatment


The foot has a complex set of tendons, muscles, joints, and bones that enables the foot to work properly like to withstand walking, standing, and everyday movement. Some of the health conditions and injuries can distress the foot movement and we will not be able to balance, if left as such it can lead to problems and pain.

foot pain top of foot can be unusual because no injury can take place on foot pain top of foot, unless you have a bone fracture or bruise. Injury on the top of the foot can happen by dropping something on this area and other less obvious causes. The middle of the foot is made up of small bones that can help from the foot’s arch. If any of the midfoot bone is fractured or a tendon is swollen or torn it can cause hurt, swelling, and ruddiness on top of the foot. The injury can also occur by foot flexed sliding, pulling, or straining tendons. If you have a long period of running or high impact activity there is a chance for the stress fracture to happen.

foot pain top of foot

What does it mean when the foot pain top of foot hurts?

Pain can be caused due to different conditions, the most common reasons would be overuse in activities like running, jumping, or kicking.

Stress fracture of bone: Pain can be caused by a fracture in the metatarsal bone which is located on top of the feet, swelling is the symptom of this injury.

Exterior tendonitis foot pain top of foot

This is caused by the overuse of tight-fitting shoes, using tight-fitting shoes can make the foot inflamed and painful. This is a common problem that causes foot pain top of the foot and this is also caused due to repeated friction across the top of the foot or excessive pressure from the poorly fitting shoes.

foot pain top of foot

Sinus tarsi syndrome: This is a rare and inflamed sinus, this channel is found between the heel and bone of the ankle. This condition causes foot pain top of the foot and outside the ankle. Friction either from the shoe being too small or being laced up too high. You may do many activities such as spending long periods on their feet’s, especially walking in an uneven surface or up and downhill. The tightness of the calf muscles places the extensor muscles under greater strain making tendonitis more likely to develop. People with heavy foot arches are more possible to have stress on the top of their feet. If you drop some heavy objects on your foot or kicked something uncomfortably.

How to treat Exterior tendonitis foot pain top of foot

You should take ample rest, avoid aggravating activities, and give some time to heal, use ice regularly which can reduce the inflammation. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen are applied on the top of the foot to reduce pain and inflammation. The simplest way will reduce the extensor tendonitis top of foot. Do some strengthening exercises for the extensor muscle and it will make you feel better.

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