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What is foot tendonitis?


The foot tendonitis is a fibrous tissue and it connects your muscle to the bone in which these tendons are very strong and it works as an elastic band. The main purpose of this elastic tissue is to absorb the force from the bone to the muscles area when you are performing any kind of activity. In general, tendons are the hard bands of the tissue that attaches the muscle to bones in which foot tendonitis is caused when these tendons become inflamed due to the irritation or injury. The tendons are the one that is most likely to get tendinitis-like. When there is too much strain or force on these tendons then it results in tendonitis and this makes the tendons become sore and inflamed. The following are some reasons on how the foot tendonitis happens. 

foot tendonitis
  • Overworking of the muscles
  • Rigorous activity
  • Age is also a reason for getting the tendonitis (as the elastic tissues get lose) 

What does foot tendonitis feel like?

Typically when you are having the foot problems then it is usual to get the Achilles heel where this type of problem is usually found with the athletes, runners, and sportsperson. This is because runners really use their heels in the type of rolling motion and when they over force the muscles that attach to the Achilles heel then it leads to the cause of Achilles heel tendonitis foot problems. When you have the Achilles heel or foot problems then you will be having a burning sensation and shooting pain when you are performing the movements in your foot in which you can also get this issue on the top side of your foot but it is a common one. Long runners and joggers are not the only people to suffer from the foot tendonitis or Achilles heel problem where anyone can get this problem but it is very important to consult your physician as soon as possible. 

What is the treatment for foot tendonitis?

foot tendonitis

If you are a sports person then the best way to treat the foot tendonitis is to stop exercising and allowing your foot to heal where this is one of the best things that you can do easily to diagnose with Achilles heel or foot tendonitis. The next thing which you can do is apply the ice packs to your foot while keeping your foot elevated. If the inflammation and pain are too much to handle then you can undergo foot tendonitis treatment to take some anti-inflammatory drugs for making the swelling to go down. After taking the drugs if the problem gets cleared then you can slowly get back into your exercise program and also ensure that you drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated this will help you in preventing the foot tendonitis again. For long-term prevention, you can try to use some type of cushion or heel cup in your running shoes where this helps in reducing the chances of getting the Achilles heel of foot tendonitis in your feet once again. 

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