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How to do your exercise properly to avoid the foot tendons


Most people are very active and exercise every day, where this is a good thing but there are some people who overdo the workouts and exercise or they fail to warm up properly and this results in the torn of foot tendons and/or torn ligaments. This can be a very painful one and may necessitate the surgery to repair them and these are common injuries for athletes where they get caught into the foot tendons problem often. If you are someone who does workouts and exercises frequently then it is very important that you must take care of your tendons and ligaments properly in order to avoid getting an injury. You can also do a google search on the internet to know the basics of foot anatomy tendons so that you can take care of your foot ligaments and tendons getting damaged or torn while doing the exercises, workouts, and other sports activities.

• foot tendons are very similar to the ligaments and they are made out of basically the same collagen material as like your ligaments, but the foot tendons do a different function in your body than the ligaments.
• In general the tendons are fibrous tissue that attaches your muscles to your bones so your muscles and the skeletal structure move together when you are doing any kind of activity with your foot such as running, walking, and jogging.
• The foot tendons are also very flexible and they stretch quite a bit as like the ligaments the tendons though can stretch too far and tear/sprain as well.

What are the symptoms of a torn foot tendons?

The major symptoms of the foot tendons are weakness and pain in which there will be other kinds of symptoms like inflammation, redness, burning sensation, and inflammation. Invariably it is the cuff tendons that are torn and not the muscles in which often the torn tendons symptoms exhibited will mainly depend on exactly how the tear of the tendons came about. Often the pain of the torn tendons is felt diminishes quickly and it is the weakness in the tendons that causes significant problems. For those who are affected with this pain for the long term then however your foot tendons will become weak further so it is best to consult your physician for getting permanent relief from the tendons pain.

Preventing the foot tendons injuries

The best way to avoid the foot tendons injuries is to make sure that you take time for warm-up before performing the workouts or exercise program. Especially, the people who are doing regular exercise will cause tendon injuries. Some of the effective guidelines on how to warm up on each segment of foot tendons that are most prone to damage and they are elbow, Achilles, leg, and foot stretching, shoulder rotations/shrug, weight train, take enough sleep, and more important, and necessary thing that you need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and lead life happily.

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