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A detailed review of the pain in arch of foot


The foot arch is located between the ball and heel bone of the foot and the foot arch is formed by the ligaments, fascia, tendons, and bones of the foot. The purpose of the foot arch is to support the weight of the body and to help propel the body forward while you are walking. To do this the foot requires both a great deal of flexibility and a high degree of stability which is provided by the foot arch. There are three general classes of pain in arch of foot which is primarily based on the observation of the main arch at the inside of your foot. 

pain in arch of foot
  • Normal foot arch
  • High arch (associated with the supination)
  • Low arch (flat feet associated with the overpronation)

Flat feet or low arches are known as pes planus and it typically happens when the arch disappears upon taking or standing a step. Very few people remain to be affected by the low foot arch problem whether they are standing on it or not.   

Problems associated with the pain in arch of foot position?

The foot is the primary part of the body that absorbs the force of your entire body weight when you hit the ground. So, the foot arch has a bunch of work to do and it will turn into injured easily. The direct force in the foot arch can cause damage or when the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the foot are overstretched while performing the exercise and workout programs. Overuse of the foot can also result in a significant amount of pain and irritation. In general, poor biomechanical alignment of the foot can also cause the pain not only in the arch of the foot but also to other parts of the knees, lower back, foot, ankles, and hips. 

How do you treat pain in arch of foot?

If you are having throbbing pain in arch of foot then it is best to visit your doctor to determine the best course of the action. The feet orthotics work to share out your body weight more equally when you are on the foot and to adjust the poor biochemical alignment of the foot tendons and ligaments that contributing to the foot arch pain. 

pain in arch of foot
  • If you are looking for the treatment for pain in arch of foot, then you can use the heel cradles or heel cup, proper fitting footwear, stretching exercise, and plantar fasciitis night splints. 
  • If you know that you have a low or high foot arch problem but don’t have the pain then you may never develop a problem in overtime. This can be solved by taking the necessary steps for preventing the foot arch completely just by wearing the heel cup or cradles for supporting you while walking and running. 
  • If you are getting the counter arch support heel cup then make sure they are specifically designed with enough stability to actually support the arch and relief your pain in the arch of the foot. 

Many products are out in the market today where you can add a bit of cushion to your foot show but this gives very little support so it is best to make use of the counter arch support. 

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